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The troubling pardon of Fujimori: Presidential powers should not be used to undermine the rule of law
On the evening of December 24th, as Peru was preparing for its Christmas dinner, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, the country’s president, bestowed an unexpected present on a jailed predecessor, Alberto Fujimori: a pardon. This came just three days after Mr
Donald Trump supporters greet tax law with shrugs and measured hope
Ask someone like Sam Banks about the tax plan President Donald Trump signed into law Friday and you hear something other than the effusive joy Republicans in Congress put on display this week. The $1.5 trillion plan cuts taxes broadly while bestowing
Peru: Investment, inclusion and social responsibility
Peru will be among the top growing Latin American economies in 2010, with an expected growth rate in excess of 7percent. Thanks to solid macroeconomic policies and a stable political environment, the country has also become a very attractive foreign investment destination.
El Tiempo en Lima