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The troubling pardon of Fujimori: Presidential powers should not be used to undermine the rule of law
On the evening of December 24th, as Peru was preparing for its Christmas dinner, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, the country’s president, bestowed an unexpected present on a jailed predecessor, Alberto Fujimori: a pardon. This came just three days after Mr
Shoppers spending more may make a merry season for retailers
Shoppers who are feeling good about the economy and spending more than expected on items like kitchen gadgets, toys and coats could make this the best holiday season in several years. That’s good news for retailers, some of which have had few reasons
Dimming Christmas lights reflect Venezuela’s grim crisis
Marilyn Pitre recalls taking her family on evening strolls at Christmas time through Altamira Plaza in Venezuela’s capital, soaking up the dazzling lights and giant tree made of light bulbs in a display that once drew comparisons to New York City’s
Congressional Republicans signal accord on President Donald Trump tax plan
Leaders of the Republican majorities in both houses of the US Congress said Wednesday that the path is clear to approve President Donald Trump’s proposed tax overhaul before Christmas. Closed-door negotiations produced a consensus on reconciling the
‘Firefighting at Christmas’ may become normal in California
A week of destructive fires in Southern California is ending but danger still looms. Well into what’s considered the wet season, there’s been nary a drop of rain. That’s good for sun-seeking tourists, but could spell more disaster for a region that
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